Aboutus1“As an undergraduate at San Diego State University and as a community activist in the Sixties and Seventies, Graham distinguished himself as an initiator of the Black Arts Movement; a playwright {The Nationals, The Last Shine and other plays); a founder of the seminal Black Student Council at San Diego State University (1965); and the theoretical initiator of “Black Studies,” first conceptualized in his play The Nationals (1968). Vitally interested in institutional as well as individual change, Dr. Graham was also directly involved in negotiations to acquire Navy-owned property in Southeast San Diego, a largely African American section of the city, for the construction of a continuing education center, The Educational Cultural Complex, or ECC.  He was involved in planning and writing the 8.5 million dollar funding proposal.”

[Excerpt, Nower’s “Where Racism and Myth-Making Intersect,” a review of Graham’s Subliminal Racism Essays (2005)


The Afrikan Student Union was founded by Dr. Arthur Graham and Judge Napoleon Jones in 1968, as the Black Student Council. Since the time, the name has changed, first to the Black Student Union and later to the Afrikan Student Union. Although the name has changed, the basic premise has remained the same. The Afrikan Student union exists to provide a unified body of Afrikan students on campus in order to aid in satisfying the academic, financial, social, educational, and cultural need of the Afrikan Students attending San Diego State University. The Afrikan Student Union focuses on the collective “WE” over the individual “I”.


It is the mission of the ASU at SDSU to serve all Afrikan people by working toward the upliftment of the Afrikan culture economically, politically, socially, and educationally both on the SDSU campus and in the greater San Diego community. As an organization, the ASU works to build solidarity with the primary focus being among Afrikan students, and secondarily among all SDSU students.

{READ MORE} http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~asu/aboutasu.html

aboutus2As historian and pathfinder, Dr. John Henrik Clarke distinguished himself by taking the lead to denounce and abolish “white racist aesthetics” that was intensified with the publication in 1968 of William Styron’s Confessions of Nat Turner. As a courtesy, Graham’s unpublished dissertation, “The Manichean Leitmotif” (UCSD, 1980) was made available to Dr. Clarke early in 1981. The findings of the dissertation prompted Dr. Clarke to re-think his prior position of assuming “niggerati” inclinations to “ape” white aesthetics through the “myth of a Negro Literature”; to abandon “protest” literature and criticism; and to champion, instead, “black consciousness” productions through African culture presentations.

Dr. Clarke also led the way back to the restoration of African-origin source icons, emblems, etc. within past civilizations, including Asian and European civilizations that grew out of Mother Africa. For example, he promoted and dignified our adaptation of the spirit of “Sankofa” and its divine message: Come back, seek and take or recover. As a passionate innovator, in 1982, Dr. Clarke visited San Diego State where he joined with faculty and students in a celebration of The Legacy of Black Studies as they proposed New Directions in history and in “myth structures and storytelling” relating to our rebirth from the ashes of the “necromantic negro” (Death’s-Head) to consciously becoming, once again, a vibrant and prosperous African People.  

On his journey now, Dr. Clarke left us the legacy of the will to doubt while courageously exercising intellectual integrity, that is, never to be “accepting” of European desecration and debasement of our “image” through “mentacidal” works such as Griffith’s Birth of a Nation and Styron’s Confessions. This event at San Diego State not only set the stage for conscious and awakening, “new directions,” but it also signaled a “complete break” for aesthetic independence that began when Dr. Clarke edited, WILLIAM STYRON’S NAT TURNER: TEN BLACK WRITERS RESPOND, 1968.


THE NATIONALS: A Black Happening in Three Acts (1968) - The Primordial Roots of Black Studies; the Epitome of Collective Works & Studies

Graham's bio in A to Z of African American Theater @

"The life of my Ibo, now in Amerca, on 30th the Aveneu ..."   WINO "The Nationals"
A Message From Our Ancestors (Britain's Slave Trade Documentary) | Timeline         
@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2lvpXnikVA 

The Synergism of Malcolm X (1993)*

By Al Fard 



The attempt here is to delineate points of development and aspects of history, giving an insight into the period of Islamic enlightenment in the west and the Synergism of Malcolm X.

Examining Synergisms is looking at a common denominator of essential parts constituting the entire equality of being, propelling action and consciousness to complete a designated course. Most dictionaries define synergism as, cooperative action of discrete agencies such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the effects.

For instance, a good cup of coffee, depending on the drinker’s taste, relies on the proper amount of sugar or cream or the absence of sugar and cream. On the contrary, the wrong kind of cream – sour – can spoil a cup of coffee. These ingredients are the synergisms of the coffee.

In theology, Synergism is associated with Lutheranism. Our relationship with God, rebirth, resurrecting of our consciousness permits God to entire our lives, God giving man a “limited” amount of freedom to choose his distance from God. On the other hand, man’s desire for more freedom makes him gullible for wrong advice. The freedom to be wrong can subvert the desire to be right.

Language is important; it alerts the senses, preventing intellectual laziness and stereotypical clichés that rob the wonderment of exploring truths and uncovering falsehoods. Malcolm’s life is worth arousing our exploratory instincts, challenging the necessity to understand the history of America and the awakening of Black people to conscious realization of revolutionary thinking.


The purpose of this book is to acquaint the reader with the sociological background from which Malcolm Little, Malcolm X, Malik Shabazz and Hajji Malik Shabazz emerged, capturing into prominence with an enigmatic concussion. THE SYNERGISM OF MALCOLM X portrays for the reader a wide range of extra mundane conflicts affecting each stage of his development. Previous writers on the subject of Malcolm X focused primarily on “histrionics” from a one dimensional point of view, thereby, inadvertently overlooking many of the contributing ambiences affecting the life of Malcolm X. THE SYNERGISM OF MALCOLM X opens the door to a peripheral understanding of the social “Rigor Mortis” of Black thought and action.

The conclusion ends with a question: “Is there time for a reconstruction of a Dead Carcus for a future resurrection.”

*Special acknowledgment: Dr. Arthur J. Graham (author of The Manichean Leitmotif) Jamaica, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, California; Chief John Kinsey (Nigerian Embassy), Compton California.

Oshun: Ifa and The Spirit of the River by Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi (Author)  ISBN-13: 978-0942272321    ISBN-10: 0942272323

 "From Mami Wata to Mary, These Are the References Behind Beyonce's Grammy Performance: Exclusive" http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/lifestyle/7693161/beyonce-grammy-performance-references-exclusive 

Image result for beyonce ... free grammy award photo of oshun


Haiti's Voodoo Gods  @   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J7kn4lBrbU 

Voodoo Documentary @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFzbDDnaZWo 

TRUE HISTORY OF VOODOO/SPIRITUAL SCIENCE!!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fr5msrn9HE   "VOODOO" = "SORCEROR" = "TETRANALYSIS" [See Diagram of the Law of Opposites at menu/ Social Media Center.]


Profiling Slip Rock Skip

Our Deepest Feelings

On April 22 and 23, 1983, I attended the symposium, “’Of Our Spiritual Striving;’ Recent Development in Black Literature and Criticism,” sponsored by UCLA Center for Afro-American Studies, directed by Claudia Mitchell-Kernan. The panel, “New Directions in Black Literary Criticism,” was moderated by Richard Yarborough, with budding “heavies,” Houston A. Baker, Lawrence Hogue, and Henry Louis Gates (Yale) who spoke on “Speakerly Texts: The Concept of Voice in Their Eyes Are Watching God. Other notables on various panels included Arnold Rampersad, Steven Anderson, Paula Marshall, Ishmael Reed, Darwin Turner, Mari Evans, and Amiri Baraka.

The dominant presence of Baraka’s “blues people” metaphor as the genres for “new directions” is demonstratively expressed in presentations by Baker: “The Blues Matrix: Toward a Post-Structuralist Criticism of Black Literature”, and by Henderson: “Blues Extensions in Recent Black Poetry.”   Amiri Baraka, then LeRoi Jones in 1962, gave an address at the American Society for African Culture entitled, “The Myth of a Negro Literature,” in which he berated and disparaged the somewhat putative icon of “the myth,” Phillis Wheatley, in that “her pleasant imitations of 18th century English poetry are far and, finally, ludicrous departures from the huge black voices that splintered southern nights with their hollers, chants, arwhoolies, and ballits.” And in “The Black Aesthetic,” Negro Digest, September 1969, LeRoi Jones declared, “We are our feeling … Not a theory in ether.”  

In crescendo “unity” on issues of arising Black Voices: Literary Criticism, in 1967, John Henrik Clarke earlier contributed the article, “The Origin and Growth of Afro-American Literature,” though he harbored the misconception of a real Phillis Wheatley (p. 632), as he invested the collective quest for “great story tellers before their first appearance in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619” (Clarke).  

Gates, too, in terms of “origins and growth,” seemed to have taken on the banner of “the richness and profundity of the blues” (i.e., Baraka’s feeling), in the address dealing with the “Concept of Voice” in Hurston’s Eyes. In any event, Gates’ own ”voice” was “hedging” with the flow of BS on Wheatley, whom I knew then in my heart and from research to be as phony as a three and a half dollar coin—with Gates’ mug shots of the Cambridge arrest in 2009, on both sides.    I sat in the audience, back then in 1983, watching the circus and its picturesque procession, and meditated, several years later, on the Jan-Feb 1985 Black Scholar article, “The Poet as a Creator of Social Values,” by Sonia Sanchez, in which, she, too, wrestled with “myth criticism” while holding doubts about the “voice” or “sounding” status and/or authenticity of cipher Phillis Wheatley, whom she labeled an accommodator who wrote poems, “with the hope of being treated fairly.”


Over the many years—from this first encounter and beholding of Mr. Gates—I have observed cunning niggerati games and conniving Battle Royals bouts that “his” enemies had to contend with. By 1991, Amiri Baraka had grown weary of Vicious “Skip”—as “we” all knew where he was coming from and going—nowhere. In New York City, Amiri handed to me a copy of his Unity & Struggle, Cast Away Illusions, Prepare to Struggle, Vol. 2, No.3, June, 1991, with his article, “Clearly Identify the People’s Enemies.” This piece addressed international issues on the “concept of Zion and Zionism,” and it carried Baraka’s “baggage” of the 1980, Village Voice, “Confessions of a Former Anti-Semite.”   [VOL. XXV No. 50, DEC. 17-23] But we were more concerned about the “enemies and traitors” within, especially those who pimped our productions derived from Study and resourceful revolutionary Works, not Harvard Armchair Liberation Pimping. Surely, from our camp, Mr. Gates tops the list.

In the same, June, 1991 issue of Unity & Struggle, Brian A. contributed the article, “Harvard’s Afro-Am is a Scam”: “Given the demographics of the entire Harvard community, I would hasten to preliminarily recommend that there is, in fact, no need for the current so-called Afro-Am department which essentially is no more than a case study in both self-hatred and ‘The Miss-education of the Negro.’”

In the Los Angeles Times article, “Fire and Flair,” June 3, 1994, Elizabeth Meshren wrote: “He’s flamboyant, showy, cocksure and widely regarded as a superstar of black studies. But Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates is not without his critics. To them, he says: Deal with it.” So here I am—dealing with “it.”

By March, 1999, Jacqueline Trescott wrote a photo-op piece in emerge entitled “Beyond Academics: Harvard’s Dream Team Has Salvaged Black Studies, But What About the Masses?” For the record, the “dream team” consisted of Lawrence Bobo, William Julius Wilson, Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Cornel West, Kwame Anthony Appiah, and Mr. Gates, a “I have a” dream team that is supposed to have replaced a phantom, “one-nigger syndrome” persona that Gates never get around to name but has become himself, the perennial HNIC.   [Excerpt: p. 63 - p. 66 - TEACHABLE MOMENTS III -- A Grassroots Message from The Razor Society.}  


{Teachable Moments -- available at Drinking Gourd Store on BSLF Menu.} 

"MESSAGE!!!   AFRICAN AMERIANS"  @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X3iYU4otd4  featuring Henry Louis Gates, Jr, the DNA CON who "Joke-Yoke" that Andromeda Phillis Wheatley is "Yo Mama!"   And view the follow-up video on Gates' "DNA BULLSHIT!"  @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzUYYXm44qI 

n  ArtAMIRIb

Adudu Addae    (c)  Arthur Graham    Amiri Baraka

THIRD NATIONAL: “We are Afro-Americans and we’re not going nowhere. Not even to Africa. We’ve got to begin fighting for our survival right here. Take us for what we were, we were a peaceable people. But we’ve got to unite once more with national order if we’re to survive in peace and not live in wretched control and slavery. … We must all begin to live revolution!” [Source: Graham, The Nationals: A Black Happening in Three Acts (1968), pp. 52-53. Message from De Razor Society: “Arm Yourself or Harm Yourself,” AmiriB]

You are NOT from AFRICA!  Part 1         

Mennefer Tanasi 198 @ Diane Urban




Number 198 is a compilation of the energies and influences of number 1, the vibrations of number 9 and the attributes of number 8. Number 1 relates to new beginnings, starting new ventures, motivation and progress, self-reliance, achievement and attainment. Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions. Number 9 resonates with the attributes of leading others by positive example, humanitarianism and philanthropy, Divine wisdom, generosity and benevolence, lightworking and the Universal Spiritual Laws, your soul calling and life purpose.  Number 9 also relates to conclusions and endings. Number 8 adds its vibrations of inner-wisdom and personal power, manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity, dependability and reliability, skills and talents, achieving success, giving and receiving and Karma  -  the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  Angel Number 198 is a message that your prayers about money and finances have been heard and acknowledged by the angelic and spiritual realms. Follow your passion and purpose and you will automatically manifest your monetary and material supply. Your angels encourage you to devote your Divine lightworking services to the world in your very own way, knowing that you are fully supported by the Universe. Trust that your material wants and needs will be met when you follow your true path and serve your Divine life purpose.Angel Number 198 may also be a message from your angels that a significant phase or cycle is ending in your life and this will have a domino-effect in other areas of your life. These endings will allow for new opportunities to appear in your life that will open doors to beneficial new beginnings. This is happening for reasons that will become evident soon. Do not lament their passing or ending, but rather, be open to your own passions and purpose as these are positive and productive focal points for you.Angelic messages will be heard when the time is right. Open your mind and your heart and you will hear them.Number 198 relates to number 9 (1+9+8=18, 1+8=9) and Angel Number 9.Also see:
Angel Number 891*
Joanne  [Source:

Ostara, Miss Goodwitch

The Magickal Life of Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

                         "Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor is much more than the goddess of love, beauty and joy. She is the Queen of Heaven, the great Milky Way, the outstretching rays of the sun, the morning and evening star, the mother of God, the creatrix of the Heavens and grandmother to the Earth.  She is not a triple goddess but a seven-fold, Venusian Goddess.  She is the Mother of the Sun, and the great celestial cow as Nut, as the sky Herself, arching over the Earth, with stars stretching endlessly upon Her. When I think of Mo ther Hathor as the goddess of love, rather than Aphrodite, I see her as the God of love in all forms, not just romantic love. She is joy after sorrow, peace after destruction, love and compassion.


She also is justice as Ma’at and death and judgement as Sekhmet. She is the great flood and womb of life as Mehet-Wrt.  She is the rainbow of salvation and mother of the nation as Meri-Isis. In all, she the Great Universe, the Source of eternal life, the Holder of the Breath of Life, the Holy Spirit and Mother Tara. She is hyths, as the Virgin Mother Goddess who welcomes the dead and refreshes them.  And as Neith, Goddess of hunting, strategic warfare and intuitive wisdom. She is the original Pallas Athena, Deborah, Morrigan, Kali, Ishtar, and Freyja.


She is also the seven Goddesses who spin the fate of each child at the day of it’s birth.  She is the Goddess of Destiny, a midwife to your birth on the physical plane and also in the underworld. She is there by your side to appoint you at your birth and she is there by your side to welcome you back home once you leave this world, as only she knows the exact day and hour of your death."

[End Excerpt:  Source  https://msgoodwitch.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/ac1100-isis-katherine-skaggs.jpg?w=432&h=600 432w, https://msgoodwitch.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/ac1100-isis-katherine-skaggs.jpg?w=108&h=150 108w"> ]



Albert Pike wrote: “Yes, lucifer is god, and unfortunately Adonay is also God, for the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods, darkness being necessary for light to serve as its foil, as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive."  {This "foil" motif, supposedly appearing at intervals of "recurrence and contrast" both in art and reality, is worked into the myth-structure of the movie,""Rain Man," starring Dustin Hoffman.    See my response to Hoffman's recent reference to "subliminal racism" on YouTube video, below at the end of menu MEDIA WATCH DAILY} 

 Pike confused OSIRIS with HORUS, and apparently, missed out on the Greek ORION (Amos 5:8), as he forged LIGHT into his KABBALAH creation story, into the very being and existemce of the WHITE man, by way of "skin color symbolism," the mystery key or "foil" to Luciferian white supremacy.  (READ MORE:    The Manichean Leitmotif:  The Ideology & Psychology of Racism in American Fiction.)  [Begin excerpt}

 The Sun and Moon represent the two grand principles of all generations, the active and passive, the male and the female. The Sun represents the actual light. He pours upon the Moon his fecundating rays; both shed their light upon their offspring, the Blazing Star, or HORUS, and the three form the great Equilateral Triangle, in the center of which is the omnific letter of the Kabbalah, by which creation is said to have been effected.”

 The word Prudentia means, in its original and fullest signification, Foresight; and, accordingly, the Blazing Star has been regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-seeing Eye, which to the Egyptian Initiates was the emblem of Osiris, the Creator. With the YOD in the center, it has the kabbalistic meaning of the Divine Energy, manifested as Light, creating the Universe.  {End excerpt. Source: http://freemasoninformation.com/2012/04/albert-pike-quotes/ ... See also Morals and Dogmas,  XXV "Knight of the Blazing Serpent" @ http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/morals_and_dogma/knight_of_the_brazen_serpent.htm ]



1.   Lucifers New World Order, Exposing the Jesuits by Walter Veith @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJupxv9"EiOY&spfreload=10  

2.   The Roman Catholic and Islamic Connection @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll0otULYzms ]

3.    "Ashra Kwesi Presents the African Origin of Freemasonry"  @  http://www.kemetnu.com/view_egypt_videos.htm 

4.   Dr. Walter Williams, "The Truth On How the Bible Came Into Print — Can't Deny the truth"  @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M21jvQW5GEE 

       and "Three Dirty Religions" @   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb5MfFl0pcg 

5.    "Christian Colonization, Doctrine of Discovery, and Papal Bulls"  @  http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/133-nations-vow-to-destroy-americas-nwo/ 

6.   It would seem that Erasmus and his fellow inventors of the King James Bible (RE:  Dr. Williams' video, click, above) discretely posit that typologies of the Old & New Testaments are "cunning" Dirty Dances, or subliminal Manichean schemes, dressed in cosmic vestments of the Grand Tour Lie.  For example, recall the vestment of the Big Dipper (aka known as the "Death Wagon"), along with Sarah Palin, former "state" flag-waving Governor of Alaska, and her chorus attacks on Obama's "Death Panel," and read segment:  "The Hidden Language within the Grand Tour Lie" p. 28 to p. 31, Graham's Teachable Moments.

7.  "In 1711 there was a conjunctive alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Urinus and Neptune, This alignment occurs every 176 years.  It is said to be the beginning of a Grand Tour, marking 1801, 1977, and 2153 as the years of occurence for this Jupiter-based or 'outer planets' alignment. ... From 1801 to 1977, the time-space of 176 years marks another appearance of 'Jupiter' [the planet] on his Grand Tour.  And so it was for [negro cipher] Jupiter Hammon to be discovered again, with back-dating, 'new' data surfacing from the 'poetry' division of America's Septuagint." [Source: Segment, "GRAND TOUR LIE," in Subliminal Racism, p. 66  and p. 76.]  The "Grand Tour" is the cosmic "timeline" of the "New World Order" Illuminati, from its founder, the Jew turned Catholic, Adam Weishaupt (discretely ciphered as Abbé Grègoire, in the fake-hoax Freedom's Journal article, "Original Communications," p. 71 Southern Renaissance), down to George W. Bush:  See history @ http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_illuminati_12.htm 

Image result


Johaan Adam Joseph Weishaupt 1748 - 1811

 Trump ‘em!

UPDATE •  "Angel of Death" — Ritual Order of the Processional Cycle:  Donald Trump as Franklin Pierce II  Visit 20 Feb 2016 to City of Charleston, SC.    See menu MEDI ]A WATCH DAILY @ segment "John Slidell" on:  CHARLESTON, S. C., SEAT OF THE CONFEDERACY, TRUMP vs. CLINTON:  THE CONTINUITY OF THE SOUTHERN RENAISSANCE  [Trump:  "There's no daylight between Israel and America."  QUESTION:  By way of "marriage," ["The Donald Trump video every Jew MUST watch @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2G9MR1n7Es  ] or by way of Zionist ideology, preparation, and practices of the "Autotelic Structure" of race, writing, and difference, within the "seven pillars" of society, or, one might say, "Christian education and Tea-Party-Zionist culture" as an activity of “subliminal” racist thought?   [New Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan:  "... the Palestians are like animals ..." @  http://www.timesofisrael.com/new-deputy-defense-minister-called-palestinians-animals/ ]   .QUESTON: :


[Read more   @ https://pdf.k0nsl.org/M/Mirrors/ptchanculto/The%20Israel%20Lobby%20and%20U.S.%20Foreign%20Policy(2008)BBS.pdf ] 

WHY THE JEWISH ELITE HATES DONALD TRUMP @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV2GhOkQ1yY 

@ Diane Urban: http://www.docfoc.com/mennefer-tanasi-wob-supreme-court


Behold!  Graham's Mercy Seat "Dead Yard" Revelation:  Life-Death NINE NIGHTS 198 — "Restored!"

"Nine-Nights, also known as Dead Yard, is a funerary tradition practiced in the Caribbean (primarily Grenada, Dominica, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Haiti and the Dominican Republic). It is an extended wake that lasts for several days, with roots in African religious tradition. During this time, friends and family come together to the home of the deceased. They share their condolences and memories while singing hymns and eating food together."

  [Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_nights ]


What is more, "for in the grave is laid," the Death Procession NOTE [by Caroline Howard Gilman / SEGMENT @ menu MEDIA WATCH DAILY] telling of "unbroken enthusiasm" of "the negroes" in that "They are very ambitious on the subject of death, influenced, perhaps imperceptibly to themselves, by the thought of the level to which it reduces all.  Decent grave-clothes and a private burying-ground are their highest ambition.  I once asked a faithful servant who was in perfect health what present  I should make her, and she replied, with great solemnity, 'Some cambric to make me a shroud [i.e., burial garment], I thank you.'"    At last, in reality as well as in imaginary art, the imagery of "the negro's highest ambition" is reduced to a Death's-Head reminder, as Cotton Mather wrote much earlier, within the white aesthetic and scientific tradition, for Caroline's "autotelic artistic sake," A Death's-Head Set Before Us.

[ Entire “NOTE”  Source: Southern Renaissance,” p. 192. to p. 195.  See Caroline's bio @  http://uudb.org/articles/carolinegilman.html  ]

"Mammisi" — "Birth House" — Temple / Hathor  & The LUNAR ECLIPSE 25 September 52 BC


Re:  Ashra Kwesi:  "Why is the cow in the manger?"   ... "divine birth and childhood of the infant Horus" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZvb2sWPUqs 

The Truth About the Real "Gods of Egypy" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ1VbxKhHt4 

Ashra Kwesi Speaks on the Rosetta Stone, the Medu Neter, and the Plunder of Kemet @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EQ3aEhhGfc 

TRADITION: Challenge & Solution - "I'm so sick of Kemet" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XC4s0_IsSc 

"END OF HATOR" ca. 28:00 min into video, "A History Of The Black Jew And Black Hebrew Israelites??" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dprjJybsQ9A 

"HOW HISTORY DENIED ANCIENT AFRICA??" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRA4-Rw0QXg 

KEMETIC LEGACY TODAY - Anciet Egyptian Priestesses & the Legacy (w.unaired footage) @


Prof. James Small Baba Heru & Mfundishi: The Gathering Of The Kemetic Masters  @ 


Mfundishi:  The Power Of Learning Your Legacy Through The Mdw Ntchr  @

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8AutqRK1Oc  &

Examining the Medu Neter "FACT or FICTION" @


Learn Kemetic  Masonry and Teach Us All


Ashra Kwesi (Who Is Jesus)?? @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyTiBL8-hns&t=58s 

Zodeakus El Round Table "Etymology, Astronomy and Biblica" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg37mtaouvw 

THE MEANING OF THE NAME BARACK OBAMA - ADVANCED ETYMOLOGY @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjYi4eYFw7I 

The Supreme Human Being - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 3 Episode 2 - 04-20-14 - 1/2         

  @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZO3t54vEIA 

The Origins of God - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 3 Episode 4 - 05-18-14 - 1/2  @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ne43FH-JyU 



@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acsRFeebTq4 


Mighty ocean of my blood, flesh, and bone

How shall I span your depths for home?

By plane; By ship; Or by the white man’s whip!

Atlantic! Atlantic! Atlantic!

My mind engages the roar of your mighty waves

Deciphering the hidden voices of my ancestors braves!

Warriors! Warriors! Warriors!

[Source: The Nationals: A Black Happening in Three Acts (1968), p. 33




Bro. C. Freeman El | Esther: Book of the Goddess - Pt. 1/3




Black Woman: Mother of All the Races           HOW THAT BLACK WOMAN CAME TO BE? by Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Sept.           24, 2003        





@ http://www.margueritelaurent.com/writings/motherofallraces.html 


• • •

.             . The Great            BLAK             MAMMA of Creation by SuZar


Before global Patriarchy the Supreme Being            was worshipped all over the planet as a Creatress. If Her Children            & precious planet Earth are to survive, the Female Mother            Principle of God must be resurrected and restored, along with            the Blak Woman, Mother of HuHuManity. (Vol. 2, #16)          


The Great Blak Mamma of Creation

"She is the Goddess of Destiny, a midwife to your birth on the physical plane and also in the underworld. She is there by your side to appoint you at your birth and she is there by your side to welcome you back home once you leave this world, as only she knows the exact day and hour of your death."

[End Excerpt:  Source  https://msgoodwitch.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/ac1100-isis-katherine-skaggs.jpg?w=432&h=600 432w, https://msgoodwitch.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/ac1100-isis-katherine-skaggs.jpg?w=108&h=150 108w"> ]

Image result for judgement scene ... egyptian 

Dr. Maat: The Evoltion Of Mathematics And It's Applications In Africa @


Epiphany of  the “Wino”

“… hurt not the oil and the wine …”

“Black Flowers”

By Ron McElroy, in Graham’s, “The Nationals: A Black Happening in Three Acts” [Page 13.]


Listen here!

They come bursting out in new life

With the defiance and radiance of a new star.

Eager and totally aware of tomorrow’s history.


They would die, but how many times?

Flowers looking black as aces spades.

So alive and aware, they must eat and gulp fire water,

That they might forget the wonder of the old

Which pulsed with life a soul―My moma, e-moma AFRICA!




{Series - PT 1 - PT 4}


Dr. Delbert Blair - "Documentary - THE WOMAN" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vELnPKm3OTw 


Can a Black Man Still Be a Man, & Worship the Black Woman Az GOD?


* * *

How white people changed the Identity of biblical characters from black to white. Pure deception!         


Three Wise Men:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ligvhaf7g4w 


Ancestral Love


247370_220377934647030_3843555_nhttps://sistarmamamyrah.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/247370_220377934647030_3843555_n.jpg?w=150&h=112 150w, https://sistarmamamyrah.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/247370_220377934647030_3843555_n.jpg 494w">What goes around comes around and we’ve come full circle in our spiritual reality. It is now time for us to reconnect with the knowledge of our ancient rulers so that we may step up in this Aquarian Age of Evolution as the new rulers for this New Age. Everything is contingent on the equal balance of opposites. We have fully satisfied the sacrifices and struggles, personally and ancestrally. Now, that we have satisfied our sacrificial responsibilities, it is time for an opposite response in spiritual reward and empowerment from the same level of struggle and sacrifice.

We are the vessels for our ancestral spirits to heal the wound that has been passed down, generationally, and has become too huge on a personal level to handle. That is why we must reconnect with the spiritual ancestors as we bring balance to the physical and spiritual harmonization. 


ZOH TV Diasporians Living in Ghana (Dr. Sharita)         

* 8 *


"The Collapse of Mormonism: Why Millions Are No Longer Mormons"

@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn1iGvXU0dI 

Mfundishi Explain Why We Used The Animal Heads And What It Means MDW NTCHR



Bobby Hemmitt | The Dog Star & the Great Day of Judgement, Egyptology, Ufology - Pt. 2/4 ["J"& "S" - Saturn]*

"...our great Black making of the house--nigger style ,,," {The Nationals, p. 47}



"People leave ABRUPTLY when a Khazarian Man says Khazars in Jerusalem Are CONVERTS!"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1HijAwHf2A  MT 198: At 3:37 into video, cf. "IBO" to-- 

"I saw no honky satan / Only the life of my Ibo /  Now in America on 30th, The Avenue" ... The Nationals, p. 13 


"Khazars, Ashkenazi & DNA...OOPS!"

@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buKgvPTq87A 


         SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary         








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