Welcome to Black Studies Legacy Foundation, dedicated to the restoration, reformation, and reclamation of the African American self-determination, right to self-defense against “mentacide” (Dr. Bobby Wright), committed to freedom of creative and intellectual expressions, and aspired to the celebration of collective “works & studies” within the Akan Tradition of Sankofa. Rejoice, as our emblem- logo, “Redactor Ere Ra,” sublimely and aesthetically [Luke 18: 9-4 & John 21:24] indicates and vibrates the quintessential: Come back, seek and take or recover.

Exploring all investigative research areas by way of our exclusive, innovative method of analysis, the tetranalysis™ — including Language Arts & Literature, Motion Pictures Arts &Sciences, American Studies, Liberal Arts (grammar & tetragrammaton), and Comparative Humanities — we offer consultancies and provide Curriculum Research, Development & Implementation for the ongoing advancement of Media Literacy.

Southern Renaissance

arthurArthur J. Graham, Ph.D.
Black Studies Legacy Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

This book presents a unique, tetranalysis™ documentary of collected “works and studies.” It is an aesthetic, ideological, religious, and marketing exposé of the origins and continuity of a certain Myth in Code: Negro Cipher Phillis Wheatley. It is an examination, evaluation, and exclusive critique of early textual “specimens” and of recent tangential, mass-media “excerpts” that may or may not contain subliminal messages. Overall, my purpose is to identify and to explicate this myth in code, cipher Wheatley, as it is consciously and unconsciously structured and formed, synchronically and diachronically, by way of Samuel Gilman’s Manichean doctrine of contrasted extremes. As a narrative force, this doctrine tends to convey and to induce racial divide differences overtly throughout the popular culture as well as covertly within the individual’s “subliminal” or “autotelic” mind-set. With this first of a kind study, Arthur Graham’s tetranalysis™ posits a paradigm shift for decoding hidden Puritan and America Culture messages by way of the “little book,” “Thoughts on the Works of Providence,” and by way of unraveling the significations of the “holy four” aesthetic elements (form, motion, sound and color) that underlay the controversial “craft” and “authenticity” of cipher Phillis Wheatley.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with BSLF orientation and philosophical position by way of a close reading of Arthur Graham’s ground-breaking, monumental and epochal, Southern Renaissance: Subliminal Omni Ciphers & the Autotelic Structure of the Land and Slave Kingdom of God (2012).

authersize This work provides a paradigm shift for new directions in American Studies and Media Literacy, especially in dealing with America’s “Racial Divide."

We invite you to an extended national conversation on race, writing, and difference. By all means, please engage BLOG: Image Analysts; to the subliminal, inner-you, in a hearty and constructive, “commentary” marriage, and in the redeeming spirit of Ma’at, as we sincerely greet – “You the One, Follow the Drinking Gourd.”

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