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Welcome all subscribers on this grand tour, BLOG: IMAGE ANALYSTS It is always a pleasure to remind ourselves of the power of words, especially words which connote and denote a “mighty walk” on our media literacy pilgrimage.  We shall confront both the “literati” [Edgar Allan Poe] Zionists---like G. H. W. Bush-NWO, and its “incog negro”-deceivers and dumb-down “niggerati” [Zora Neale Hurston] Omni Ciphers—both real and surreal--like HNIC Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University. And in good faith and vibrant spirit, we shall always remind ourselves of the dignity and integrity of the American core character, for demonstrative displays and dignified and elevated everyday expressions of freedom of speech, liberty and justice for all.

With these reminders in mind, our grounds for criticism and basic reference guides are rooted in The Manichean Leitmotif: The Ideology & Psychology of Racism in American Fiction (UCSD 1980; Pub. 2000 by Image Analysts Los Angeles), and the recently published, Southern Renaissance:  Subliminal Omni Ciphers & the Autotelic Structure of the Land and Slave Kingdom of God (2012; BSLF Los Angeles.) 

As such, this inaugural, get-acquainted blog capstones the depth experience of the American spirit to inform, to educate, to be informed and to walk humbly, yet in splendour and wisdom, with thy god.


Photo: Dr. Arthur J. Graham & Sister Pearl Jr.
Crenshaw-Baldwin Mall, Los Angeles, CA.Photo: Dr. Arthur J. Graham & Sister Pearl Jr.
Crenshaw-Baldwin Mall, Los Angeles, CA.Photo: Dr. Arthur J. Graham & Sister Pearl Jr.
Crenshaw-Baldwin Mall, Los Angeles, CA.Photo: Dr. Arthur J. Graham & Sister Pearl Jr.
Crenshaw-Baldwin Mall, Los Angeles, CA.
Sister Pearl Jr. wrote "The Attack on Black Women" which is chapter 1, in Arthur Graham's "Discrete Silence Essays" (2007). Seen to the right (photo), Pear Jr. became an activist champion in defense of Michael Jackson, and, as the case turned out, victorious over trump up charges based on "pig laws" profiling and systemic castration of rich and powerful black men---of late, Bill Cosby.

The Manichean Leitmotif analyzes in well documented detail the work of English and American theologians and aestheticians, such as Cotton Mather, Edmund Burke, Samuel Gilman, Orville Dewey, Hugh Swinton Legaré, and others, as well as writers such as Dante and Milton, to show how light and dark, human and sub-human, good and evil, etc., came to be mixed up with Moors, Ethiopians, and the slave trade. Piece by piece Graham constructs a zeitgeist, which, although one may disagree with certain particulars, cannot, on the whole, be dismissed.

Honors & Distinctions:

The book made a significant and aesthetic contribution to the online entry description and definition of the term “leitmotif” in Wikipedia, wherein The Manichean Leitmotif gained the distinction:

Recommended Book Number 1 More: http://www.news-server.org/l/le/leitmotif.htmlhttp://www.freeglossary.com/Leitmotif

blog1The book’s original research on Samuel Gilman was recently incorporated into his biography in Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography; Graham ascribed authorship of two articles, “Theory of Association in Matters of Taste” and “American Literature,” to Gilman, appearing in the Southern Review (August 1831). See “The Doctrine of Contrasted Extremes,” in Arthur J .Graham, The Manichean Leitmotif (2000). More:


“What Graham shows in his text, a dissertation, is that racism in fiction does not just occur in the default by which whiteness is held as central, universal and blank or without the history that characterizes it to those offended by white history. He shows a deeper kind of vilification in the way scenes are depicted. Douglas Curt Lyons (More: See message 173921) Source:“Speculations: For Writers Who Want To Be Read"


UPDATE: January 13, 2017. Original research on the works of Samuel Gilman, from a “hint” by Alvin Lampson, that he knew the young author of The Vestal; or, a Tale of Pompeii (1830), through a long pilgrimage “progression” via “Gray Tradition and the Power of Evil,” pp. 117 -128, The Manichean Leitmotif, to Jubilee “revelation,” Arthur J. Graham, this day,  "ascribed" previously unknown authorship of The Vestal to Rev. Samuel Gilman.  


Excerpt:  Articles on Gilman include Daniel Walker Howe, "A Massachusetts Yankee in Senator Calhoun's Court: Samuel Gilman in South Carolina," New England Quarterly (1971); Daniel Walker Howe, "Samuel Gilman: Unitarian Minister and Public Man," Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society (1973-1975); Conrad Wright, "The Theological World of Samuel Gilman," Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society (1973-75); James W. Mathews, "A Yankee Southerner: The Aesthetic Flight of Samuel Gilman," No Fairer Land, ed. J. Lasley Dameron and James W. Mathews (1986); and "The Doctrine of Contrasted Extremes," in Arthur J. Graham, The Manichean Leitmotif (2000).  [Source: Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography:  http://uudb.org/articles/samuelgilman.html  ] 


New Directions within the Black Tradition

The Manichean Leitmotif presents definitive proof that "negro cipher" Nat Turner never existed in real life but is a fictional icon of and for moral and legal black subjugation; furthermore, this hyper-myth-in-code icon remains the archetypal, object-emblem of lynching with impunity---“I can’t breathe!”

William Styron's Confessions of Nat Turner (1968) is a myth-structured imagery and surreal fabrication that is designed to castrate the black male and to distort his human identity, as God's "mark" of the beast; and, by way of Manichean dualistic “life by comparison," a blind and defeated, necromantic father figure, in juxtaposition to the white male. We need to keep in mind, also, seminal insights and African Spirituality, legacy guidance for new directions presented in our blog posts:

Blog3As historian and pathfinder, Dr. John Henrik Clarke distinguished himself by taking the lead to denounce and abolish “white racist aesthetics” that was intensified with the publication in 1968 of William Styron’s Confessions of Nat Turner. As a courtesy, Graham’s unpublished dissertation, “The Manichean Leitmotif” (UCSD, 1980) was made available to Dr. Clarke early in 1981. The findings of the dissertation prompted Dr. Clarke to re-think his prior position of assuming “niggerati” inclinations to “ape” white aesthetics through the “myth of a Negro Literature”; to abandon “protest” literature and criticism; and to champion, instead, “black consciousness” productions through African culture presentations.

Dr. Clarke also led the way back to the restoration of African-origin source icons, emblems, etc. within past civilizations, including Asian and European civilizations that grew out of Mother Africa. For example, he promoted and dignified our adaptation of the spirit of “Sankofa” and its divine message: Come back, seek and take or recover. As a passionate innovator, in 1982, Dr. Clarke visited San Diego State where he joined with faculty and students in a celebration of The Legacy of Black Studies as they proposed New Directions in history and in “myth structures and storytelling” relating to our rebirth from the ashes of the “necromantic negro” (Death’s-Head) to consciously becoming, once again, a vibrant and prosperous African People. On his journey now, Dr. Clarke left us the legacy of the will to doubt while courageously exercising intellectual integrity, that is, never to be “accepting” of European desecration and debasement of our “image” through “mentacidal” works such as Griffith’s Birth of a Nation and Styron’s Confessions. This event at San Diego State not only set the stage for conscious and awakening, “new directions,” but it also signalled a “complete break” for aesthetic independence that began when Dr. Clarke edited, WILLIAM STYRON’S NAT TURNER: TEN BLACK WRITERS RESPOND, 1968.

authersizeThis book presents a unique, tetranalysis™ documentary of collected “works and studies.” It is an aesthetic, ideological, religious, and marketing exposé of the origins and continuity of a certain Myth in Code: Negro Cipher Phillis Wheatley. It is an examination, evaluation, and exclusive critique of early textual “specimens” and of recent tangential, mass-media “excerpts” that may or may not contain subliminal messages. Overall, my purpose is to identify and to explicate this myth in code, cipher Wheatley, as it is consciously and unconsciously structured and formed, synchronically and diachronically, by way of Samuel Gilman’s Manichean doctrine of contrasted extremes. As a narrative force, this doctrine tends to convey and to induce racial divide differences overtly throughout the popular culture as well as covertly within the individual’s “subliminal” or “autotelic” mindset.

blog4In a multi-sensory sense and with an eclectic approach, Arthur Graham asked: "Who is Margaret Fuller?" She being a regular family member on this our first ever WHITE HISTORY MONTH along the Grand Tour Lie 1711-2153. So what's "de lie"? I'll loop "it" right quick. Firstly, the Pulitzer Prize "BS" is given to dumb downs who tend to know nothing but say everything that pleases the elite NWO Illuminati, of the high-culture "Autotelic Structure" of writing, race, and difference. Second, Horace Greeley, along with Bishop Leonidas Polk, Rev. Samuel Gilman, the perfidious Jew--Judah Benjamin, VP John Calhoun--boss of "The Great Triumvirate", Caroline Lee. Hentz--novelist and educator, slave owner, Albert Pike--Mr. KKK, and the Order of Southern Brotherhood murdered Sister Sarah and her son BEFORE any such "shipwreck off Fire Island, New York." Third--I is done, boss. Y'all still searching for "bodies." eh? --- "For in the grave is laid" --sayeth the Famous Rev. Mather Byles.

MARGARET FULLER wins the Pulitzer! Margaret Fuller mention in “By the Book” interview with Tom Perrotta in the New York Times Book Review “How Megan Marshall came to write a biography about Margaret Fuller,”Kate Tuttle, Boston Sunday Globe.

 Along with the arts and crafts of writing, namely, the “Autotelic Structure” of writing, race, and difference, Arthur Graham’s tetranalysis™ posits a paradigm shift for decoding and exposing hidden Puritan and America Culture messages by way of unraveling the significations of the “little book,” “Thoughts on the Works of Providence,” and the mystical, covenant theology of the “holy four” aesthetic elements (form, motion, sound and color) that underlay the controversial “craft” and “authenticity” of cipher Phillis Wheatley---the perennial “Death’s - Head Set Before Us.”

Thomas Jefferson in Notes on the State of Virginia observed:

 "Among the blacks is misery enough, God knows, but no poetry. Love is the peculiar cestrum of the poet. Their love is ardent, but kindles the senses only, not the imagination. Religion indeed has produced a Phillis Whately; but it could not produce a poet. The compositions published under her name are below the dignity of criticism." [Quoted on p. 74, "Southern Renaissance."] Italics added.]


The real author of those "compositions," Graham contends, is Rev. Mather Byles, nephew of Cotton Mather. Apparently, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who claims that Phillis Wheatley (same as Jefferson's "Whately") is "yo mama," miss the boat completely on and off this awareness, as Jefferson remarked, the compositions are "sermons repeated."

Gov. Enoch Lincoln wroteThe Village, A Poem WITH An Appendix" 1816.


blog6Expressing doubts about the compositions falsely attributed to "Phillis," Enoch Lincoln wrote: "With regard to him (the Negro), mediocrity becomes excellence, excellence a prodigy, a Christophe the hero of history, and a Phillis Wheatly (same as Gates' Wheatley) the muse of poetry." According to Lincoln. "To 'mark those whom God mark' is classified among the aphorism which sage observation haw discovered, and, surely, there is no portion of mankind whose physiognomy he has impressed with more striking indication of mental imbecility than that of those beings."

Today, we submit that within Lincoln's entailed inheritance (Edmund Burke, the father of Conservatism, via Ezekiel 47:14) or fixed-idea on "Negro imbecility,” Slip Rock Henry Louis Gates, Jr. fits well into this design and certainly is no sage---black or white. [Quoted on p. 85, Southern Renaissance. From the Appendix. ]

A Compounded Note: Sounding with Pen and Ink

This sounding with pen and ink is the Black Vernacular tough-love "Kick in yo dumb down azz"---makes no difference if you are white, black, blue, green, red, yellow or mellow--- for as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. declared, "If the Negro is to be free, he must move down into the inner resources of his own soul, and sound with pen and ink of self-assertive manhood, his own emancipation proclamation!" [Quoted in "SR" p. 319.]

This work exposes with show & tell SOUNDINGS by naming proper NAMES & NUMBERS & DATES, since Colonial Era down to this day, of the players of the "dumb you down game" of the Zionist cult called White Supremacy in this land of ours--America. It sounds the "Conterminous Addresses: Divine & Place" such as the Bush Dynasty "Jupiter Island" and the "William Brattle House"42 Brattle Street that Hawthorne mentioned in his "works"]. Both Margaret Fuller and her uncle, Timothy Fuller, who was unsuccessful in his campaign for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts as an "Anti-Mason," never cited that any "negro" named David Walker either bought the house or rented "it" to "dumb us down." As such, we tend to cling to this mystical, hyper-myth in code, "negro cipher David Walker" and swear by niggerati imbecility as if "it" were God Almighty!

Image result for david walker

Here's more to "it," this so-called "ad" appeared in the fakery-hoax, Freedom's Journal, that "David Walker" sold "clothing" out of the Brattle House address in Boston. Timothy and Margaret "arrived in September 1831 and left by April 1833." [pp. 108-109 "SR"] You "blindly believe" all that? ... "It" jes grew on you, you say? You should be 'hamed ob yo self!

Now there is absolutely no record that "negro cipher David Walker" occupied "42 Brattle Street, Cambridge" between 1827-28-29 up to when he was "poisoned," supposedly, in 1830. "Tricknology" is a bitch, ain't "it" though?

On our journey now, it is significant to take note of this New World Order Zionist fable as a “Death’s-Head Set Before Us.” http://docsouth.unc.edu/nc/walker/bio.html

David Walker, 1785-1830

“No crab more active in the dirty dance, Downward to climb and backward to advance.” Alexander Pope, the “Dunciad”

UNC at Chapel Hill is the primary originator and number one progenitor of miss-information, disinformation, miss-education, deception, fraud, and invention of “negro cipher” hoax. As the NWO Zionist-cultist “shadow government” most active arm in perpetrating mind-control “dirty dance,” UNC Press is the nation’s repository seat of ongoing racist-sexist propaganda, and, unfortunately, of strategic mass-media, instigative and subliminal, “racial divide” warmongering. [See Graham’s Subliminal Racism Essays (2005), “Chapel Hill 22,” p. 102-p. 104.]

Putative Source of Negro Cipher David Walker: See DICTIONARY OF NORTH CAROLINA BIOGRAPHY edited by William S. Powell. Copyright (c) 1979-1996 by the University of North Carolina Press. Used by permission of the publisher. www.uncpress.unc.edu

"Knowledge of self, god, and de devil!" Hon. Elijah Muhammad

In the posting of and guidance for comments, we fervently urge subscribers to sound with pen and ink the full convictions and forces of an informed and inspired conscience---for when truth comes falsehood vanishes.   “If yuh buckup de duppy, know wha fe sey:  ‘tand dey duppy, ‘tand dey!”

blog7  These compounded soundings with pen and ink arethe Black Vernacular tough-lovedesigned to "Kick yo dumb down azz"makes no difference if you are white, black, blue, green, red, yellow or mellow- for as Martin Luther King, Jr. declared, "If the Negro is to be free, he must move down into the inner resources of his own soul, and sound with pen and ink of self-assertive manhood, his own emancipation proclamation!" [Quoted in "SR" p. 319.]

©2015 Arthur J. Graham,BSLF



BLOG:  Southern Renaissance Essays


“Ism-schism of the Racial-Divide”  &  “Monkey Bars”  

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“Where Racism Begins …” by Dr. Joyce Nower 


“The Authenticity of Phillis Wheatley” by Anna Schmidt - ASU 


Doctrine of Contrasted Extremes” coined by Dr. Arthur J. Graham

Attribution @ endnote #3, in the biography of Samuel Gilman




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